The Bookleaf Team 🍃

We're friends that decided to start this business together.
We're open to adding more accountants to the team! Email Anthony if interested.


Ariana Varveris

Ariana is currently a licensed accountant at Ernst & Young. She previously worked in Insurance Tax for Deloitte. She's an NYU alum, with a Master's in Accounting & Business Management from the Stern School of Business. She enjoys competitive gaming & is an ex-award winning equestrian.

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Carl Beck

Carl is currently a licensed accountant at PwC. He's an Indiana University alum with a degree in Accounting and Finance from the Kelley School of Business. Carl is an avid rock-climber, enjoys spending time with family on the golf course, and can play a mean guitar when the time calls.

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Anthony Diké

Anthony is a product designer & growth hacker based in New York. He currently attends NYU for Computer Science. He recently created a product-building newsletter called "The Product Person", which amassed over 2,500 subscribers in 24 hours. He enjoys writing short-stories & poems, building businesses, and playing basketball.

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